M.A. Art Business, Sotheby's Institute of Art.

B.A. Art History, Minor in Business, Minor in Photography, Loyola University Maryland.


Always interested in the arts, the normal degree in Finance was never going to work for me. Originally architecture seemed to be the best move to combine my interest in design/art with a "respectable" career. It wasn't until I took my first art history course in college that I realized there was so much more to art than the image. Being able to see history through the lens of the artist, instead of the masters of the textbook, was something that changed my life. Since that point I have devoted my time to helping artists express themselves in an age of technology and uncertainty. As a photographer I also deal with these same issues, with my lens pointed at the objectivity of the world. Through this objective lens I work towards shining a light on historical privilege towards majorities, while also representing a death to these ideals through aesthetics and the physicality of photography as a medium. 


FujiFilm Pro Film

Portra Curated



Vulgaris Magazine

Maco Direct (Rollei Distributor)



As the Founder and Director of 4501 Gallery, the company was able to put on a number of successful exhibitions showing some of the most exciting photographers of 2017. Through efficient social media media marketing 4501 Gallery set a standard for contemporary photography.


As the Art Business Administrator and Assistant Curator at Uprise Art, we were able to meet and manage goals efficiently. During my time at Uprise we gained clients such as West Elm and also exhibited artists at major art fairs. We brought on new and exciting individuals and most of all had fun doing so.


As the Art Director for the online gallery Virgin & Child, we were able to grow our viewer base while promoting emerging artists. By creating original content and a user friendly website, V&C saw its best year.